In some instances, the state of a pool may require a much more substantial cleaning that simple filtering and hard work can’t quite get clean. Poor winterization of your pool, stagnant water and an overall lack of pool care can cause your pool to be quickly become overtaken by algae and other debris.

When your pools water remains stagnant for an extended period of time, algae and bacteria can begin to grow in the water and on the pools floor. The most effective way to treat this algae is with an acid wash treatment.

What Is An Acid Wash

An acid wash is simply the process of stripping off a tiny layer of plaster from the pools surface, removing algae, mineral, stains and chemicals in order to expose the fresh plaster beneath. After an acid wash, you can expect your pool to be clean, fresh and looking brand new again with crystal clear water.

When Do I Need An Acid Wash

As a rule of thumb, if you can see the floor of your pool easily an acid wash isn’t necessary. However, if you cannot see the bottom of the pool and there is visible algae and discoloration, an acid wash is highly recommended. Often times, the amount of chemicals and labor required to bring the water back to normal can be close to, if not more, than the cost of an acid wash making it the best option for your budget.

Because of the nature of this procedure, an acid wash isn’t something that would be have done annually, but rather only when the pools condition truly requires it. In addition to this, exposure to the acid can be dangerous and we highly recommend that you let the experienced professionals at Affinity Pools handle your acid washing needs.