What started as a spotted community of alfalfa and cotton farms, Avondale, AZ has experienced a tremendous amount of growth since the 1980’s. Located a short drive west of the Phoenix metro area, the story of the city of Avondale stems from its residents and supporters, who are passionate about what the city has to offer to it’s residents.

As with much of the state of Arizona, Avondale offers beautiful weather year round, with the majority of days having clear and sunny skies to enjoy. Because of this, Avondale perfectly caters to those who enjoy outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, swimming and lounging by the pool.

Avondale is a community in every sense of the word. The residents of Avondale share a deep sense of pride in what has been accomplished over the years and also in what the city has become today.

In Avondale, residents strongly believe that the blending and cohesion of cultures comes from a true sense of harmony throughout the community, as opposed to mere rhetoric about diversity. Families and businesses alike are welcomed with open arms in Avondale and will always be supported in a way that represents an intelligent and progressive City.

Young families and businesses alike share a sense of optimism in Avondale, finding a place that gives them the confidence they need to achieve greatness in every facet of life. Avondale is a city of possibilities with unified leaders in the private and public sector who are dedicated to continuing the smart growth of the past decade.

Home to the Phoenix International Raceway, Avondale attracts both Nascar and sports car racing fans and enthusiasts from around the world, to the various events that are hosted each year.

Things To Do in Avondale