Pool Draining & Plumbing Repair ImageAlthough underground pool plumbing usually doesn’t require a large amount of maintenance or repair, pool plumbing leaks are dangerous for you, your family, and your pool. The most common repairs we tackle are above ground and sometimes require special fittings and knowledge to complete. Pool plumbing leaks left unattended can create suction leaks in your system and cause damage to pumps and filters.

A closed system, free from pool plumbing leaks provides good circulation and promotes a healthy safe pool environment.

Main pool drain replacement

Located on the pool floor are main pool drains, or suction inlets. In 2009, every pool had to be upgraded with main pool drains according to safety requirements written in the Virginia Graeme Baker Act. Main drain sumps and main drain covers have to meet the new ASME/ANSIA112.19.8-2007 standards.

Skimmer replacement and Skimmer repair

The cause of a leaking pool is often skimmers. Even when your pool is completely cleaned, an excess of rain and decreased temperatures can lead to a damaged skimmer body which will require replacing the skimmer. Leaking skimmers are also the cause of a deteriorated grout around the edge of the pool and the skimmer.