Hayward Pumps and Filter SystemsAffinity Pools employees are certified pool pump repair technicians. We can diagnose and provide cost-effective solutions for any pool pump issues. The following are just some of the repairs we provide.

– Shaft seal replacement

– Impeller damaged or clogged with debris

– Diffuser damaged or excessive wear

– Pump seal plate replacement

– O-rings & seal plate gasket replacements

– Suction and return leaks

Replacing these correctly diagnosed problems will can result in saving you money on motor replacment. Fortunately, we carry the adequate replacement parts for all pump manufacturers.

Is Your Pool Pump Noisy?

Affinity Pools can identify if your pool pump is worn out or noisy. If it makes a grinding sound, then there may be pebbles or debris stuck in the impeller. Mostly, the condition is caused by failed bearings in the motor. This can simply happen due to poorer quality in pool pumps nowadays, especially when manufactured overseas. Whatever is the cause of your loud pool pump, it should definitely be relatively quiet and not the cause of noise pollution in your backyard.

Will Your Pool Pump Turn on?

All pool circulations have a timer in them, so that the pump will turn on and off at present times, with the exception of manually operated spa jets. Some brand new homes have programmed automation systems, or a set of circuit breakers at the equipment pad or at the house service panel. With all these parts, Affinity Pools always recommends that you hire us to identify and cure the problem.

Does Your Pool Not Circulate?

This may be the result of a tight fitting going into the inlet of the pool pump, which causes the pump to pull in air and to lose the ability to prime. If the water gets too low and the pump runs without water causing it to steam the water, the pump is at too high of a temperature. Of course, the filter may skew the suction lines, but this is just another reason why you should hire a professional like Affinity Pools and diagnose the problem.