Decorative pool tiles have become a primary element to the design and ascetic of a pool. As such, additional maintenance, cleaning and repairing pool tiles is often necessary to keep your pool looking the best that it possibly can.

Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning

Abnormal PH levels and chemical imbalances can, over time, cause major problems for your pool tiles. These imbalances can lead to white scale deposits that begin to form on the edge of your pool. Most prominently these deposits can be seen at the top of the water line where water splashes along the edge of during usage. While this build up is obviously unsightly, if left untreated it can cause more permanent damages to your pools tile. Affinity Pools has years of experience with treating and cleaning pool tiles and we are confident we can provide the services necessary to keep your pool in tip top shape. We use a low pressure system that safely cleans your tile. When completed, we apply a sealer much like the “rainX product” to repel the water. This product is recommended to be reapplied by the customer every 3-6 months.

Pool Tile Repair

Over time, it is not uncommon for tiles in your pool to become loose, cracked, or in some cases broken entirely from everyday wear and tear. The sealant that attaches the tile to the sides of your pool deteriorates over time and increases the risk of damaging your tiles. The good news is, Affinity Pools can treat these damaged pool tiles in a simple and fairly quick process. In addition to this, there are also preventative measures that can be taken as a way ensure that your pool tiles never even reach the point where they need to be repaired.

For more information and estimates regarding cleaning or repairing your pool tiles, please contact Affinity Pools at 602-810-8355.