Pool Acid Wash

Pool Acid Wash Image

At Affinity Pools, our pool acid wash services are the best for residential homeowners in Goodyear, Arizona and the surrounding West Valley region. Our process is as follows: 1) Drain your Pool, 2) Power wash entire surface, 3) Mix acid based solution with “Bright & White product, 4) Apply solution to walls and floor of your pool services with scrub brush to remove stains, 5)Rinse surface and vac out entire pool for dirt and debris

The pool acid wash process is actually quite safe, but only when it’s performed by an experienced professional swimming pool technician like the ones at Affinity Pools. Despite this, the process can be extremely destructive to your pool if it’s completed incorrectly or inadequately. That is why you must make sure that whoever you choose for the acid wash service, knows exactly what they are doing.

There are a few problems that inexperienced pool technicians face when acid washing your pool, but the most common is over acid washing. Over acid washing can occur when the technician leaves the acid for a long period of time on the pool walls, or it can also happen when the weather is too hot, which can lead to a higher concentration of acid.

When over pool acid washing occurs, the amount of acid can be as small as a pebble or it can be as severe and damaging as flaking or chipping plaster. Chipping will be especially noticeable after about a week you have refilled your swimming pool.

Chlorine Wash

chlorine wash is definitely a needed service to ensure a safe and toxin-free swimming pool. During a chlorine wash, Affinity Pools will drain your whole pool with a pump. The pump has an automatic “off” button so that the customer can be away or not do anything during the drain process. Our technicians will set up the pump, most likely in the afternoon, and then run it for about 12 hours and return the next morning to work.

This chlorine wash is a successful treatment for pool algae removal. Affinity Pools’s chlorine is powerful, full-strength, and will clean the pool’s whole surface and remove any bacteria.

We highly recommend the Chlorine Wash.