According to the United States Census Bureau, Goodyear, AZ is the 6th fastest growing city in the United States. As a result, the city of Goodyear in the Phoenix metro area’s West Valley, provides countless opportunities for both businesses and families alike to grow and thrive.

The city’s quality of life, sense of community and positive economic outlook are well known throughout the U.S and have been validated in the form of two prestigious national awards in – the All-America City Award and City Livability Award.

Tucked in the foothills of the Estrella Mountains and roughly 20 minutes west of downtown Phoenix, Goodyear is a fast growing community, within close proximity to all of the cultural and entertainment resources that the Phoenix metro area has to offer.

The scenic mountain views, golf courses, lakes, parks vistas, wide open spaces, and palm-lined streets continue to attract over 73,000 residents who are among the most affluent and best educated in the state of Arizona.

Couple this with over 320 days of sunny skies and you can assure the perfect environment for lounging by the pool and maintaining an active lifestyle all year long. Just ask the MLB’s Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Red’s who annually call Goodyear their home for major league baseball’s spring training.

Things To Do in Goodyear